Student Letter of Agreement (LOA)

Student Letter of Agreement (LOA)

The VIU Homestay Student Letter of Agreement (LOA) outlines a student's responsibilities while participating in the program and living with a host family. The VIU Homestay Office recommends that students print a copy of their letter of agreement for reference.


  Homestay Student Letter of Agreement 2019-2020.pdf


Please visit our application page for the most current version of our student profile and letter of agreement.


Short-term Students:

Students staying a maximum of 6 weeks commit to the Homestay Short-term Student Guidelines 2019-2020.pdf


High School Students:

Students attending The High School at Vancouver Island University and living in homestay have a separate letter of agreement. Please contact the VIU Homestay Office directly to request a copy of the letter of agreement by emailing


It is important that students read and understand their rights and responsibilities, as it is the student's agreement with the VIU Homestay Office. If you have any questions regarding information in the letter of agreement, please contact us for more information.