Leaving the Homestay Program

If you are leaving the Homestay Program, you must give your host family 30 days' notice.  Complete the  Moving Notification Form  with your host and return it to the Homestay office. Your deposit will not be refunded until the Moving Notification Form is submitted.


You must thoroughly clean your bedroom and bathroom before your departure. You should leave your room the way you found it when you arrived. You must also remove all your belongings from the host's home. Do not forget to return your house key(s) to your host. Please be aware thay you are financially responsible for cleaning costs, damages or outstanding bills.

Deposit Refund

Refunds are issued approximately 6-8 weeks AFTER the student has moved out of the home and left the Homestay Program. If you are still living in Nanaimo after you leave the Homestay Program, you can receive your refund by cheque in the student's name to be picked up at the main reception desk of building 255.  If you have returned home, your refund will be wired to you (bank charges may apply).

For a refund by wire transfer (EFT), please complete the Banking Information Form electronically and email it to homestay@viu.ca in Excel format.

The refundable deposit may not be returned in full if (but not limited to): you have not given 30 days’ notice in writing (Moving Notification Form), or there are cleaning costs or damages in the home as a result of student conduct. Other outstanding bills, VIU tuition or VIU fees owing may also be deducted from the homestay deposit and may delay the homestay deposit refund.



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