How to pay Homestay/Peerstay Fees by Personal Payee Bill Payment

For students who pay their monthly fees directly to their host family, once the student has arrived in Canada, the host will take the student to open a Canadian bank account. The student will use online banking to pay monthly Homestay fees.

The student will speak to host about which method of paying Homestay fees is preferred.

2. Personal Payee Bill Payment

To use this method of paying Homestay fees, it is not necessary for the host to use on-line banking.

If you and your host have bank accounts at the same financial institution, you will be able to electronically transfer funds to his or her account from your account.  In order to do this, students will need:

1. the host's full name on the bank account

2. the Branch number (four digits)

3. the host's account number

Each financial institution has its own fee structure for clients who make payments by this method. Some banks charge a $1.50, others have no charge for this service. 

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