You must complete the following and send to 6 WEEKS IN ADVANCE:



Read the Handbook for International Students (Pages 1-8)




Starting class Spring or Intersession 2019? Complete the Student Profile  and submit to along with the appropriate signed Letter of Agreement.

Application Deadline for Homestay Spring 2019 is Friday, November 16, 2018. You must submit the completed Student Profile, Signed Letter of Agreement, Homestay Fee Payment and Arrival Information before this date. *Late applications will be reviewed until November 30, 2018




Complete the Homestay Fee Payment Form (Page 13 of the Homestay Student Profile)



Book early arrival accommodations if arriving to Nanaimo earlier than the Homestay move in date. Here are some short-term accommodation options available to students: ACCOMMODATION OPTIONS



Homestay Student Profile

The Homestay Student Profile should be completed by the student, and submitted to the Homestay Office no later than 6 weeks before the student's arrival to VIU. Please complete this profile as honestly as possible; the information provided by the student will assist the Homestay office to make the best match possible with a host family. It is very important that the student's email is clearly written on the profile, as well as the agent's contact information, if applicable. Host families and students should communicate with each other before the student arrives in Nanaimo.


It is strongly recommended that the Homestay profiles and all applicable fees (Placement Fee and Deposit) are submitted to the VIU Homestay office no later than 6 weeks before the student expects to arrival to Canada. This will allow the Homestay office time to make the best possible match between the student and host family. Please note that placement in a Homestay is not guaranteed.

Arrival information

If you arrive between 08:00 and 16:00, Monday to Friday, and have not made accommodation arrangements, please take a bus, shuttle, or taxi to the Centre for International Education at Vancouver Island University (VIU). 


























































































































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