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Homestay for The High School at Vancouver Island University

About the Homestay Program

The Homestay Program is an opportunity for international students to live with a Canadian family and share their own culture while learning about Canada.

High School students' responsibilities while living in Homestay

Homestay Fees

Fees for Homestay are $925/month (effective September 2019) and $32/night.

For more information, please contact the Homestayoffice, or The High School. The VIU Homestay office will pay homestay fees directly to hosts on the behalf of THS students.


Guardianship for Homestay students under 19

All students under 19 years of age are required by Canada Immigration to have a legal guardian who is a Canadian citizen and resides in Canada. The school Principal will usually provide guardianship to students. Students should check with the Canadian Embassy or Consulate in their country of residence for specific guardianship requirements.

The High School Principal is the legal guardian of High School students who are under 19 years of age.

If the host plans to take the student overnight on a trip outside of Nanaimo, the host should contact the High School to let the Principal know what the plans are. 

If the High School student wishes to go out of town without the host family, the student must meet with the High School Principal to discuss his or her intended plans. If the Principal gives permission the Principal and the student will sign the Permission Form. The student will take the signed Permission Form back to the Host Family for further discussion and final permission. If the Host Family does not approve of the plan, or if they have any questions or concerns about the student's welfare, they should contact the High School Principal directly.

Travel Permission Form

High School students who wish to travel outside Nanaimo, without their host family, must have a Travel Permission Form signed by the High School Principal and their host family. For more information about these expectations, please read under Guardianship.

More Information

For more information about attending the High School at Vancouver Island University, please contact the High School Principal at Tel: 250-740-6317; Fax: 250-740-6470 ; E-mail:, or visit the High School's website at

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