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About the Homestay Program

The Homestay Program is an opportunity for international students to live with a Canadian family and share their own culture while learning about Canada.

Head Start to Homestay

Welcome to the 2020/2021 academic year at The High School at VIU! The VIU Homestay Program is excited to welcome back all of our returning students, as well as the students joining THS community for the first time this year. 

The VIU Homestay Program facilitates a program orientation for new and returning students. This program is known as Head Start to Homestay and provides information and resources necessary for a successful homestay relationship. Typically, this program is offered in-person and is a fun event for homestay students and hosts to join Homestay Program and THS staff to learn about the program and to build community.

For September 2020, the program has been re-imagined and developed for a virtual format due to COVID-19. This year, Head Start to Homestay is a self-paced activity for homestay students and hosts to complete together as a tool to review important program rules, and to review household guidelines. This interactive activity can be completed at any time during the month of September. However, we recommend completing it early!

Homestay's Welcome

Welcome from Principal Brazier


THS @ VIU Principal, Catherine Brazier

Homestay Welcome Letter from THS Principal

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Begin Head Start to Homestay

THS Student Resources

High School Students have some differences in their Letter of Agreement, based on custodianship requirements.

THS Student Homestay Letter of Agreement 2020-2021

It is important that students read and understand their rights and responsibilities, as it is the student's agreement with the VIU Homestay Office. If you have any questions regarding information in the letter of agreement, please contact us for more information.

What do my fees provide?

Fees for the Homestay program provides a student with access to a private bedroom in a host family's home. The host family will also provide the student with use of bedding, a pillow, and towels. Fees include utilities, internet, and laundry facilities.

Fees for Homestay with Meals are $925/month and $32/night for partial months. The family will provide food for 3 meals per day, though students may need to buy additional snacks.

VIU Homestay fee changes for May 1, 2021

Custodianship for Homestay students under 19

All students under 19 years of age are required by Canada Immigration to have a legal custodian who is a Canadian citizen and resides in Canada. The High School Principal will usually provide custodianship to students. Students should check with the Canadian Embassy or Consulate in their country of residence for specific custodianship requirements. Students who require custodianship can apply for The High School Principal to act as their custodian. Email for more information about custodianship.


Considerations for VIU Homestay Hosts

If the host plans to take the student overnight on a trip outside of Nanaimo, the host should contact the High School to let the Principal know what the plans are. 

If the High School student wishes to go out of town without the host family, the student must meet with the High School Principal to discuss his or her intended plans. If the Principal gives permission the Principal and the student will sign the Permission Form. The student will take the signed Permission Form back to the Host Family for further discussion and final permission. If the Host Family does not approve of the plan, or if they have any questions or concerns about the student's welfare, they should contact the High School Principal directly.

High School students who wish to travel outside Nanaimo, without their host family, must have a Travel Permission Form signed by the High School Principal and their host family. Students can also pick them up from the High School office.

If you don't see the resource you are looking for, please visit the Current Student section of the VIU Homestay Program's website.
Homestay Student Resources

The Current Students section of the website includes resources such as the Homestay Student Handbook, moving notification form, homestay homework, and more.

More Information

For more information about attending the High School at Vancouver Island University, please contact the High School Principal at Tel: 250-740-6317; Fax: 250-740-6470 ; E-mail: