VIU Student Homework Q/A with Host Family

The personal information you provide on this form is collected pursuant to section 26 of the British Columbia Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. This information is collected for the intended purposes of the form. Your personal information will be accessible only by authorized Vancouver Island University employees (VIU) and representatives, or as otherwise permitted by law. This information will be kept on secure servers, including a server located outside of Canada. Questions about the collection of your personal information should be directed to By checking the check box below this statement, you are consenting to our data storage practices listed above.
Host families will ensure that the Student receives timely medical attention as appropriate or required. To help with this process, having a conversation about medical insurance with your student is important at the start of their stay. All international students are required to have medical insurance and in most cases all students will be on BC MSP or insurance depending on age, length of stay for their Study Permit. In some circumstances, the students travelling in groups will waive Insurance, but would be required to have their own. In this section we ask that hosts talk with their students and for their student to share the information around should there be an emergency. Students on insurance will receive their ID card by email and are to print a copy . We ask that all High school Host Families take a copy of their students' insurance ID Card, and encourage you to do the same with your university students. Details on insurance can be found When students arrive at NRGH & VIHA Facilities (urgent care) they will direct bill but students will need ID, and study permit, otherwise they may be required to pay in advance and submit their claim. If there is uncertainty, please check in with the Homestay office and they will point you in the right direction to get information.
Student and host have discussed medical insurance documents should there be an emergency *
Host has taken a copy of ID card in case of emergency or other insurance document *
There are many methods for host families to communicate with students. Please indicate the primary methods which will be used for typical day to day communication and may be a combination between phone and/ or apps. Popular examples include: (phone, Messenger, whatsapp, LINE, and WeChat)
The High school students are not allowed to sleepover at home's where there is no adult present. The Homestay host must have contact information of the responsible adult and be aware of who's home the sleepover will be at. If they are not another homestay host in the program, it would be best to check with homestay or the high school principal as we require any adult that is with them overnight over 18 years old to have a CRC/VSV. Sleep over's at homes of friends of the opposite sex are not allowed.If host family is in doubt or the student has question, the homestay office or THS principal can provide guidance.
High School students are required to have a permission form signed by the Principal, and the homestay parents. Please contact the Homestay Office or The High School if you require more information.
Not applicable for students participating in Homestay without meals program.
Host: My preferred method of communication is...
Student: My preferred method of communication is...
Please provide specific examples. Here are some ideas: Downloading illegal movies or pornography is unacceptable. However you can download shows, movies, music through itunes, google play, netflix. Online gaming uses a lot of our bandwidth. We ask that you only use 1 hour of online gaming a day.
Please select an answer and elaborate below.
It is homestay's policy that a host or student may report damage to the Homestay office if unsure how to resolve the matter. Both sides will be investigated and a resolution determined. Hosts and students may be requested to work with their insurance companies depending on the level of damage.
If my host family is concerned about my safety they will inform VIU's Homestay Office. *
Problems violating the Homestay Letter of Agreement may be discussed with the student and/or host family. *
VIU will provide guidance and support to help make informed choices about living in homestay. *
By placing my initials below I agree with the information recorded in this homework sheet.
By placing my initials below I agree with the information recorded in this homework sheet.
Note About Homework

Students entering Homestay with or without meals are required to fill out a homework form online with their host family. A completed copy will be sent to the Homestay Office and we recommend that you keep a copy for yourself and your host family to refer to on a regular basis.The following information establishes each host family's expectations with the student and is meant to facilitate a mutual agreement regarding the behavior and environment desired by both parties.

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