Student Evaluation of Host Family

Your experience is very important to the Program; please be as honest as possible when completing the evaluation below.
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I liked living with my host family. *
My host family welcomed me to their home. *
My host family helped me adjust to living in Nanaimo. *
I enjoyed the meals my host family prepared. *
Overall, I enjoyed living with my host family. *
My host family tried to understand my speaking and helped me with my English. *
My host family and I talked together often. *
NeverSometimesMost timesAll the time
My host spoke English at home. *
The host family and I did things together at home and outside. *
I could commute from my host family’s home to VIU in 45 minutes or less. *
Were you able to study quietly at your host’s home? *
We want to know what you learned while living in homestay? Maybe you learned something about yourself or others?

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