Students pay a placement fee, a damage deposit and either Homestay (see Fee Payment Schedule).

Application fee (non-refundable) = $250 (Applicable to Homestay students)

Deposit (refundable) = $850(Applicable to Homestay and Peerstay students)

Homestay = $850/month and $29/night (includes food for three meals a day)

Homestay fees are payable on the first day of each month.

Homestay Placement fee and Deposit

The Homestay/Peerstay Placement fee (sometimes referred to as the Application fee) is due at the time of application and is not refundable.

The HomestayDeposit is due at the time of application. The Deposit cannot be used to pay Homestay or  fees. The Deposit is refundable to the student if 30 days' written notice is given to the host family when the student plans to move out of the Homestay home. (A yellow Moving Notification form is available from International Education at the Main Reception in building 255).

If damages occur, and are not settled between the host and the student before the student moves out, the Deposit will be used to compensate the host family. Similarly, if there are any outstanding fees or bills owing, or if there are any unusual cleaning charges, the Deposit may be used to compensate the host family. It is suggested that you speak to your host family about any damages, outstanding bills or extra cleaning charges before you leave the Homestay. It is always a good idea to look through the room with the host family the day you move out.

Homestay Fees

Homestay Fees are $850/month for students who stay from the beginning of the month to the end of the month, and $29/night for part-months, or for short-term groups, to a maximum of $850 per month.


If you arrive in Nanaimo mid-month, or move out of your Homestay  mid-month, you will pay the nightly rate for each night you stay in the home. You will pay the monthly fee if you stay for the entire month.

The maximum charge for any month, no matter how many days there are in the month, is currently $850 for Homestay and $500 for Peerstay.

Example 1: Homestay student

If the student arrives in Nanaimo on August 22nd:

August 28 - August 31 = 4 nights x $29 = $116

September 1 - September 30 = one month = $850


Fee Payment Schedule

VIU students (ESL/Academic/MBA): New VIU Homestay/Peerstay students will receive a match letter from the Homestay office by email. The match letter will include a Fee Payment Schedule that will clearly indicate when and if the student will start paying his or her Homestay  Fees. Hosts will receive an identical Fee Payment Schedule, which will indicate when and if the student will start paying his or her Homestay Fees.  Hosts and students should keep a copy of their match letter with applicable Fee Payment Schedule for their reference for the duration of the student’s stay. 

VIU students will advance the first two months of Homestay Fees to the Homestay office. The Homestay office will then pay the Fees directly to the host family on the student's behalf for the first part-month or full month, and the next full month.  The student will start paying Homestay or Peerstay fees to the host on the first day of the second full month of stay.

An example of a Fee Payment Schedule:

Paid by
Vancouver Island University:
Paid by

January 9 - 31, 2016

23 nights @ $29.00

$ 667.00

$    0.00

February 1, 2016

1 month @ $850

$ 850.00

$    0.00

March 1, 2016

1 month @ $850

$ 183.00

$ 667.00

Student to pay host on the first day of each month following this schedule. 


High School students: The VIU Homestay office will pay homestay fees directly to hosts on the behalf of THS students.

If you have any questions, please contact the Homestay office at


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