Current Homestay/Peerstay Students - Fees

What do my fees provide?

Fees for both the Homestay and Peerstay programs provide a student with access to a private bedroom in a host family's home. The host family will also provide the student with use of bedding, a pillow, and towels. Fees also include utilities, internet, and laundry facilities.

Homestay fees are $850/month and $29/night for partial months. The family will provide food for 3 meals per day, though students may need to buy additional snacks.

Peerstay fees are $500/month and $17/night. Students are responsible for doing all of their own grocery shopping, meal prep and cooking, and clean up. This option is only available for mature students who are able to cook.

Homestay/Peerstay fees are payable to the host family on the first day of each month.


How to pay Homestay fees

For students who pay their monthly fees directly to their host family, once the student has arrived in Canada, the host will take the student to open a Canadian bank account. The student will use online banking to pay monthly Homestay fees.

The student will speak to the host family about which method of paying Homestay fees they prefer.

Here are a couple of suggested methods for students to pay his or her Homestay fees:

1. Interac e-Transfer

2. Personal Payee Bill Payment

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