Current Homestay Students

The Homestay office has several resources that you will find helpful as a student living in Homestay. We encourage you to review and utilize them to help maximize your experience and ensure you are following the standards and expectations of the program by clicking on the images below.



It is important that students read and understand their rights and responsibilities, as it is the student's agreement with the VIU Homestay Office.

Please read and review this document, as it clearly outlines your responsibility as a student living in homestay.

This resource helps you talk about dealing with conflict or difficulties in a homestay environment. How to ask for help and what you can do.

If you are thinking about requesting to move to a new Homestay, please read the important information here.

Before leaving the Homestay Program there are certain things you must consider. This resource helps you plan your move-out and departure from the program.

Learn more about your deposit and when you get refunded. How do you ensure you receive your full deposit at the end of your stay?

Honest feedback is important. We need to know what you think about your host. If was a great experience, if it was bad. This helps the homestay office train and select hosts and to make us aware of any concerns. Honest evaluations help us ensure a quality program.

Please fill out this form online with your host family by the due date give by the Homestay Coordinator. It is necessary to help you and your host establish communication around household expectations.





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