Interested in Hosting


Wonderful local families provide support and assistance while International students adapt to the lifestyle and demands of a Canadian culture and the Nanaimo Community. If interested in becoming a host we encourage you to read through this information.

Learn more about Host Benefits and Responsibilities.

Who can apply?

Any family, couple or single person (over the age of 25), with or without children can apply.

Hosts must live near the University. Host families should be less than a 45 minute travel time by bus this includes walking time from home to the bus stop. Host families must also meet our Home Requirements.

Application Process

Our Homestay Application is well-rounded processes to ensure we provide the best possible experiences for our students and also equip our hosts. 

Applications are processed in the order they are completed and take into consideration the following:

  • Location in proximity to Vancouver Island University
  • Willingness to host either male or female
  • Willingness to host either High School or University students
  • Willingness to host students from any country
  • Willingness to host students with particular dietary practices/restrictions
  • Willingness to eat dinner with your students on nightly basis
  • Willingness to invite students in family activities 
  • Meet proper home requirements
  • References


Making the Right Choice for You: If reading and hearing this information means that you feel that you would be a great fit for our program, please apply. Other options, may include posting your room for rent on Places4Students which is our off campus housing listing service for students


TermApplication Deadlines*Homestay Start Date
Spring/ Summer 2019CLOSEDVarious Move-in Dates (April-August)
Fall 2019CLOSED

August 25, 2019

September 1, 2019

* Move-in dates subject to change



Register online to attend  a Host Info Session  on date that works for you. Each session is held at 7:00 pm at the Centre for International Education (Building 255) in Room 205. This session will help you gain an understanding of hosting international students for the High School and University within the WorldVIU program. It will also provide an overview of host benefits, responsibilities, and home requirements.


The Homestay Host Application for Summer and Fall 2019 opportunities has been closed. Join our mailing list by emailing for future opportunities.



The Homestay host receives $850 per month for each student and $925/month for each High School Student. While the Homestay without meals host receives $500 per month. When students are matched, they are provided a fee payment schedule indicating when and if the student will be paying their Homestay Fees. VIU students will advance their first two months of fees to the Homestay Office. The Homestay office will them pay fees directly to the host family on behalf of the student for the first part/full-month and the next full month. Students will then directly pay their hosts on the first day of the second full month.