Preparing for Student Arrival

The VIU Homestay Program will determine a move-in date for a student in accordance to academic semester or specialized program start date. VIU Homestay requires that the host picks up the student at the student’s point of entry to Nanaimo or designated location which may include or not be limited to: the Nanaimo Airport, a BC Ferry Terminal, a bus terminal, float plane terminal, at VIU or an affiliated campus. Please meet your student with an easily identifiable sign with the student’s full name.

When you return home, give the student a tour of your home and how things work. Your student will likely be tired, overwhelmed and in an unfamiliar environment so keep the initial tour to the essentials. Showers, bathtubs, and toilets may work differently in the student’s home country, so the student may need an explanation/ demonstration. Some cultures do not put used toilet paper in the toilet (it is put in the waste basket), so you may need to show the student your preferred disposal procedures. Similarly, you may need to ask your student to close the bathroom door, or place the shower curtain inside the tub when the student showers or that it is expected that the student sleep between the sheets at night to stay warm. After showing your student his or her bedroom, please help the student call or email home to reassure the student’s family that he or she has arrived safely.

When preparing for the arrival of your homestay student we encourage you to read pages 7-12 of the Hosting Experience Manual to help you prepare and anticipate some of the needs for the student . Additionally we provide you with an arrival checklist in your match letter.



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