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VIU has a global reputation for excellence and ourgraduates consistently give us top marks for quality of instruction. Each year, over 18,000 new and returning learners, including 1,700 international students, choose VIU for their education. VIU’s inspirational setting, small class sizes, and hands-on research opportunities offer students the ability to experience the best of both educational activities and student life. VIU is an accredited and internationally recognized public university that focuses on teaching excellence and meaningful student engagement. We invite you to explore more about VIU and our graduate programs.




Master's Degrees

Advanced and Post-Degree Diplomas

Master of Business Administration & Master of Science in International Business

Dual Degree MBA and MScIB

This powerful dual Canadian and British degree program is designed to award students with two international business degrees: A Vancouver Island University Master of Business Administration (MBA) and a University of Hertfordshire Master of Science in International Business (MScIB). The highly sought after program is designed to give students an opportunity to combine new knowledge and practical experience through the integration of theory, research and practice that can be applied at regional, national and international levels.


  • Dual concurrent Canadian/British degrees
  • Two degrees awarded
  • 14 -19 month program, includes a 4 month business internship
  • Option to specialize in Finance or Marketing
  • Two start dates per year (January and September)
  • No GMAT required
  • Applications accepted from any undergraduate discipline (non-business graduates must complete a 3 month foundation program prior to starting the MBA)

Career Possibilities

VIU/UH MBA/MScIB graduates are employed by multinational organizations, as well as unique niche companies in locations such as Nanaimo, Victoria, Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Istanbul, Shanghai, and Mexico City.

Recent graduates report salaries of $40,000 - $50,000 with many earning $75,000+.  On average, 90% of graduates are working full-time within 4-8 months of graduation (based on 2012 survey data).


MBA student

“I enjoyed the approach every professor had towards teaching their courses. Every particular assignment was designed to test practical applications of concepts and not just mere learning.” 

- Rimi Banerjee, MBA Grad

For more details visit: VIU MBA Program


 Master of Community Planning

Planning is a growing profession that seeks to strengthen communities through collaboration, innovation, and design. It is an essential and relevant field that guides sustainable development to ensure the needs of communities are met now and in the future. Professional Planners work for all levels of government, not for profit agencies, and consulting firms to advance the public good and improve the quality of community life for citizens around the world. The Master’s of Community Planning Program at VIU is a hands-on program that teaches you valuable lessons in community engagement, policy writing, and facilitation among numerous other transferable skills. Many of the faculty members are professional planners who are currently working in the field and teach about relevant issues that face planners today. Using research and case studies as a knowledge base, you will put projects into motion and actively contribute to communities.


  • Small city and town planning
  • Urban design
  • Rural and urban interface planning
  • First Nations planning
  • Sustainable economic issues
  • Building community resiliency to climate change

Career Possibilities

  • Land Use Planner
  • Project Manager
  • Researcher
  • Urban Designer
  • City Manager
  • Land Professional


Masters of Community Planning student

“In just my first semester of the Master’s of Community Planning Program at VIU, I learned how to facilitate a meeting, respond to a request for a proposal, and gained a comprehensive knowledge of BC planning legislation. Not many other first year planning students can say that, which is why I am so glad I chose this program.”

- Lainy Nowak, MCP Student, 2018

For more details visit: VIU MCP Program

 Master of GIS Applications

The Master of GIS Applications (MGISA) program is designed for students who have completed some GIS
studies and want to prepare for work in GIS management and consulting. Students who have completed
VIU’s Advanced Diploma in GIS Applications (ADGISA) program or a similar post-graduate GIS Diploma
from another institution may be eligible for advanced placement into Stage 2 of studies, starting in 2016. In addition to courses in advanced GIS techniques and management, students will complete a substantial project-based thesis under faculty supervision in consultation with an industry partner.


  • Flexible Delivery
    Stage 1: Blended Option (8 months) or
    Fully Online Option (16 months)
    Stage 2: Online with in-person thesis delivery
    (12 months)
  • Credential Options:
    Advanced Diploma in GIS Applications (after Stage 1)
    Master of GIS Applications (after Stage 2)
  • Strong ties to industry, government and
    non-governmental organizations

Career Possibilities

  • GIS Administration
  • Research
  • Teaching
  • GIS Consulting
  • GIS Systems Design
  • GIS Applications Programming
VIU Master GIS Applications Students


“I am now completing a practicum with the City of Victoria on my favorite topic — 3D Buildings. I created a geodatabase with all the 3D-buildings in the city center. This is a very interesting and promising project.”

- Evgeny Popelnitskiy, ADGISA Student, 2015

For more details visit: VIU MGISA Program

Master of Arts in Sustainable Leisure Management

The VIU Master of Arts in Sustainable Leisure Management (MA SLM) places graduates at the intersection of two growing, exciting, and globally significant areas of theory and practice: Leisure and sustainability. Our program prepares emerging leaders to examine and create solutions which ensure that residents and travelers alike can enjoy sustainable recreation experiences, natural and cultural amenities, heritage resources, and adventure.


  • 16 month program
  • 8 months of fieldwork and thesis research
  • Spectacular learning environment
  • Designated as a World Leisure Organization Centre of Excellence

Career Possibilities

  • Sustainability analyst
  • Eco-tourism consultant
  • University researcher
  • Community development officer
VIU Master of Arts (MA) Student

“The learning format was definitely my favourite part of the program: small, seminar style classes ensure that you are active and engaged in every class. For me, I learned just as much from the differing opinions of my classmates as I did from my teachers.”

- Marc Sorrie, MA Grad

For more details visit: VIU MA SLM Program

 Master of Education in Educational Leadership

Full Time Option

The Master of Education in Educational Leadership program is designed to provide professional preparation for aspiring and practicing school leaders. Grounded in the rich educational leadership literature and supplemented by extensive faculty expertise and experience, the program provides a balance of research, policy and practice.

Join a select group of international and Canadian students at scenic Vancouver Island University in a program that will prepare you for leadership roles.


  • 2-year program with directed project
  • Strong focus on developing leadership skills for the education industry
  • Rich program grounded  in  pedagogical analysis
  • Internationalized curriculum and outlook

Career Possibilities

  • Director of education
  • Principal
  • Vice-Principal
  • College level leadership position
  • Private college instructor
  • Higher education administration
  • Industry training position
VIU MEd Leadership Students


“The focus of the MEd was on learning, growing and being curious about your own educational philosophy. This program gave me the connections, the confidence and the knowledge to pursue other leadership opportunities.”

- Denise Spencer-Dahl, MEd Grad

For more details visit: VIU MEd Program

 Master of Education in Special Education

Full Time Option

VIU’s Master of Education in Special Education (MEd) embodies an innovative approach to working with students who have special needs (eg. learning, developmental, behavioural, or physical needs). grounded in research and evidence-based practices, our program challenges students to critically examine historical and contemporary special education policies and approaches to formulate a best practice. faculty bring their extensive experiences to maximize student learning in each part of the program.


  • 2-year program
  • Responsive teaching
  • Development of individual education plan
  • Context for development and training of special education

Career Possibilities

  • Special education instructor
  • Special education consultant
  • Education administration
  • Industry training
  • Private college instructor


“I have enjoyed the extensive library resources provided by the  university. Also, the international set up and secure living environment of Canada helped me get settled very quickly. Finally, I had a great time while taking course from some extraordinary professors who teach at the university.”

- Ozan Ilber, Master Grad, Turkey

For more details visit: VIU MEd Program

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