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International Advisory Committee

The mission of the VIU International Education Advisory Committee is to advise the Dean of International Education on activities, programs and strategies that best contribute to the fulfillment of VIU’s commitment to international education as a strategic priority.


Dean of International Education (Chair),One representative from each Faculty, Associate Dean of International Education,Director of International Marketing and Recruitment, Director of International Admissions, Manager of Education Abroad, International Student Advisor, VIU Student Union representative, International Students’ representative

Deans and Campus Principals are invited to attend as ex-officio members; other International Education staff may be invited to attend specific meetings.

International Advisory Committee Terms of Reference

VIU Academics w/o Borders

‘VIU Academics Without Borders’ is a group of academics and staff at VIU who seek to create and facilitate international opportunities in developing countries for faculty and staff involvement. Examples of international opportunities include development and empowerment projects, research programs, and volunteering with Academics for Higher Education and Development (AHED). VIU Academics w/o Borders meets on an ad hoc basis throughout the year (member list). Listed below are some useful links and ways in which you can get involved.

  • VIU Faculty & Staff Abroad - List of overseas research, community development, and student activities that VIU folks are involved in around the world.
  • Travel Grants - International Education provides grants to cover the cost of travel for faculty and staff.

VIU Academics without Borders Member List

Dave Robinson (Chair), Catherine Schittecatte, Maggie Kennedy, Linda McDonell, Aggie Weighill, Leslie Sundby, Ann Holroyd, Larry Wolfe, Brent Lee, Griff Tripp, John Loewen, Andra Thakur.

Meeting Minutes

Current Overseas Opportunities

VIU Field School Committee

The VIU Field School Committee was set up to support current faculty involved in leading field schools and to mentor faculty how are interested in leading a field school. The committee meets 2 to 3 times per year to talk about and share information on specific aspect of preparing and leading field schools. Below is a list of members and a schedule of meeting dates and topics. If you would like to be added to the list please contact the Manager Education Abroad.

VIU Field School Committee Member List:

Dave Robinson, Dana Collette, Michel Vallee, Catherine Schittecatte,Rick Rollins, Maggie Kennedy, Linda McDonnell, Aggie Weighill, John Black, Libby McGrattan, Leslie Sundby, Ann Holroyd, Rick Bevis, Pam Shaw, Ron Sandland.

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