KEFEP Project

International Activities at VIU

International Education Week - Each November, VIU celebrates international eduication on our campuses and in our communities. To get involved contact

International Development Week - IDW is held annually in February and provides an opportunity for Canadians to celebrate the difference they are making around the world.  Planned activities help increase awareness of issues related to international development - poverty, human rights, war zones, globalization and the impacts these events have on marginalized people such as children, indigenous communities and women.  It also provides an opportunity for people to find out how they can become global citizens who are actively involved. For more information or to get involved contact

Committees - The International Advisory Committe, Travel Grants Committee and the Internationalization of the Curriculum Committee.

VIU Faculty & Staff Abroad List - A List of overseas research, community development, and student activities that VIU folks are involved in around the world. It is our hope that this will facilitate interested parties in getting together to share information or develop new projects (eg. this may include the creation of a cross-disciplinary team for international projects with the aim of applying for major federal funding). Want to be added to the list? Email

Travel Grants - International Education provides grants to cover the cost of travel for faculty and staff. See the list of reports from last year's recipients.