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Intercultural Professional Development


Below is additional information on the many professional development and training opportunities offered through the Centre for Intercultural Studies at VIU.  

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Non-Credit Courses

Effective Intercultural Communication for Inclusion (EIC) is an online course guided by a facilitator that provides the opportunity to integrate theory and practice of understanding and navigating cultural differences at school, in the workplace and in our communities. This opportunity provides interactive lessons on intercultural communication; a skill that is crucial to improving inclusion and equity. The aim is to foster an awareness of how our cultural influences can affect our intercultural interactions; how to think differently about our own as well as others’ experiences; and to increase understanding of the impacts of colonialism on Indigenous cultures in Canada. Multiple strategies for navigating cultural difference will also be explored.

This four-part workshop series guided by a facilitator is an opportunity for participants to explore the persistence of inequity in our societies and better understand how to take action to challenge these inequities. Through interactive lessons the aim is to foster an awareness of how culture and identity influence our interactions with others and strategies to recognize and address unconscious biases. The legacy of colonialism and systemic racism will also be explored. The specific context of the community organization will be considered in the workshop design.


This "menu" is a list of workshops that are offered or can be adapted to your particular context.

Intercultural and diversity training workshops list

VIU Employees can register for workshops currently offered through the InVIU Professional Development calendar.

Custom workshops or Training and Development opportunities can also be designed and facilitated. Our faculty will work with you to consider the following questions in order to develop a workshop that meets the needs of your group or organization.

Intercultural Assessment Tools

The IDI is a tool that looks at how individuals and groups respond to cultural commonality and difference.  It is a cross-culturally valid measure of intercultural competence adapted from the Developmental Model of Intercultural Sensitivity (Dr. Milton Bennett).  It is an interesting tool for those curious about how their own culture can influence their worldview and how culture is a factor in reaching personal, professional, or institutional goals.  This session requires the completion of a 20-30 minute questionnaire prior to a group workshop.  A one hour debrief and coaching session will also be scheduled individually.

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How we solve difficult problems, how we argue and how we "make up" are learned in the groups in which we live during our formative years and modified based on specific experiences we have during our lifetime.  Recognizing patterns in our own problem solving/conflict resolution style helps us improve our personal relationships with others because it increases understanding.  In this session participants will complete the Intercultural Conflict Styles Inventory and explore different responses to conflict while acknowledging cultural differences.


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The Intercultural Effectiveness Scale (IES) assessment survey evaluates competencies critical for effective interaction with people who are different from yourself. These differences can originate from country culture or from ethnic, generational, religious, and other areas. The IES is designed more for lower level managers or employees in profit and not-for-profit organizations as well as for students in university programs.  Participants will be required to complete a 15-20 minute questionnaire before the group workshop.  An additional one hour debrief and coaching session will be scheduled individually.

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