HOST BBQ RSVP-August 27 Homestay Move-in Day

This year we are doing Homestay Move-in differently for some of our students. For those of you picking up your students on Campus on Sunday, August 27 you get to take part of the Move-in Day and International Student Orientation BBQ. We ask that you arrive to the cafeteria no later than 5:45pm where you will receive a welcome sign and meet your student.

Please RSVP by filling in how many family members will be attending the pick-up.

Please include yourself in the count.
Please select all that apply.
Please provide details on specialized dietary requirements.
That free parking is available in the residence lot for all families picking up a homestay students, across the street from the Centre for International Students, Building 255.
That I will arrive on campus to Building 300, the main cafeteria for 5:45 pm on Sunday, August 27 to meet and welcome my student.