Instructor Profile

Stuart Kimoto / ELC Dept./ CAP AP3



Favorite View from Campus:

My daughter’s smile when I pick her up from Malaspina Day care center on-campus

Favorite music:

Pearl Jam

Surprising fact about you:

I have traveled to 28 countries in the world

Things you collect:

Masks from different countries


Golf/ hockey/ painting/ jogging/ snowboarding

Unusual item in your office:

Camel statue

Favorite teaching memory:

Meeting the Dalai Lama at my school in Japan

Favorite quote:

“Without direction, you will end up like my sea foam bouncing off the rocks.”

What inspires your teaching?

Intrinsic motivation

Favorite food:

My wife’s cooking

Fashion style:

West coast casual/ Hugo Boss

Favorite travel memory:

White sand beaches

Words of wisdom from teacher to ESL student:

Use the tools available to be an autonomous learner

I think VIU is a wonderful place to learn, as the campus is small and the number of students in each class is relatively low, which means more direct instruction for individual students.

I also attended Malaspina College in the 1980s and 1990s and found the instructors extremely helpful and friendly.

I try to incorporate my knowledge of the world and to plan my lessons so that students will find them useful and meaningful. What I mean is, I want to give reasons why the students are learning certain material, and hopefully, that encourages motivation in the students.