Instructor Profile

Stephanie J. Parker, ESL Dept.


ESL Teacher

Favorite View from Campus:

Out of my office because I can see nature and people at the same time

Favorite music:

Choral, King’s College from England

Surprising fact about you:

I lived and taught in China for one year.

Things you collect:

I don’t collect anything.


Exercising, gardening, reading, traveling

Unusual item in your office:

A Buddha

Favorite teaching memory:

Teaching teachers in Thailand

Favorite quote:

“Be the Change you Want in the World” – Mahatma Gandhi

What inspires your teaching?

Students who improve noticeably

Favorite food:


Fashion style:


Favorite travel memory:

Being in Europe with my family

Words of wisdom from teacher to ESL student:

“Don’t give up, keep working your best, things will improve, just be patient

I think VIU is a perfect place for students to study and get a degree and maybe work. My son graduated from VIU in 2005 and he loved this school. I have worked here for 30 years and have enjoyed everything about my career. I have met and worked with the most amazing people and students over my career and I would never choose a different place to work. The teaching has been so rewarding and I have grown as a teacher through my interaction with so many students over the years. I know that some day I will have to retire, but I don't want to think about leaving. In addition, I have always been supported and encouraged. Go VIU!!!!!