Dadi (Damon) Zhao

Dadi (Damon) Zhao

AP5, Grad Prep & MBA

I am Dadi Zhao. I also go by Damon.

Two of my sisters got their MBA degree at VIU so it was not hard for me to get a true impression of VIU.

The size of the classes is one of the most attractive factors for me because, from my perspective, having more chances to communicate with teachers is more suitable for me. And the reputation of the MBA degree at VIU is pretty nice in Canada. 

For me, my teachers' patience and enthusiasm were a treasure for me.

I also met some local people in society and they are good and open. But I feel that most of them are not that patient for people whose English ability is not good enough. That is understandable and I mean no offence in saying that. Compared with the atmosphere in my ESL classes, living in Nanaimo is helping me to experience real Canadian life.

I have a lot of advice for future students.

Canada is a multicultural country, so being open does not only mean being able to embrace new things but also understanding the differences. Your classmates definitely grew up in a different cultural background. Sometimes, being a listener is a good way to make yourself become more open.

At the same time, being "shameless" in some situations is necessary. Your mission in ESL is learning English and the key point of learning a language is using it. DO NOT feel shy when it is your time to express yourself and grab every chance to communicate and learn. We are not native English speakers and none of our classmates will be either. He or she may be able to speak English smoothly and soon you will also be able to do that.

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