Advanced Applied English Skills

(Communications 3, Academic Preparation 4 and Academic Preparation 5)

8:30 – 10:20

Complex Sentence Structure

Do you sometimes find sentences that you just cannot understand?  This is the course for you. We will be attacking and breaking down complex sentences in readings so that they can be easily understood. We will also practice creating complex sentences of our own so that our writing becomes more interesting and varied.

Pronunciation:  Accents, Register and Inference

Do people sometimes have trouble understanding you?  Do your presentations suffer because your meaning gets lost in your accent?  Work on your ability to be understood by refining your pronunciation.

Advanced TOEIC Preparation

TOEIC is one of the world’s best known English tests and is used in business when hiring or promoting. It measures a person’s ability in both listening and reading. In this elective you can practice both skills to better prepare you to take the TOEIC and improve your future prospects.

World Events

Do you have a passion for world events?  Are you one of those people with an opinion about everything and a certainty that you have solutions to all the world’s problems if only you were in charge!?  Then this elective is for you. Get ready to have your voice heard. This elective will appeal to anyone who is looking for a fast way to improve their speaking and listening skills while engaging in critical thinking and solution focused thought processes.


Are you one of those foot-tapping ear-bud-wearing types who just can’t get enough of music?  In this course you will have a chance to sharpen your listening and speaking skills through your love of music. Get ready to have your ears blown!


This course is all about learning how to take care of yourself!  Take time out of your busy and sometimes stressful student life to learn how to relax, eat well and stay centered and balanced in everything you do. Develop meaningful connections with your fellow classmates whilst improving your speaking and listening skills. Relax, laugh and enjoy!

The Reading-to-Writing Connection

The Reading-to-Writing Connection will help you read with understanding and then write clearly and correctly about what you read. If reading and/or writing is hard for you or if you just want more practice, this elective will help you. In class, you will read short, interesting articles, discuss them with others and then write a paraphrase, a summary or a review. Where you have grammar problems, specific exercises will be given to help.

AP5 Study Hall #1

This course is only open to AP5. Under the supervision of an instructor, students will have an opportunity to complete group work, listen to lectures and other activities designed to support successful completion of AP5.

10:40 – 12:30

Community Connection

For this course, students will investigate various amenities, attractions, and services around Nanaimo. Each week, students will visit a different place in Nanaimo.

Public Speaking / Presentation Skills

Do you want to be a dynamic and enthusiastic speaker?  The number one fear of most people is the fear of public speaking. Work on getting your fear under control in a safe, supportive environment. We will work on improving both what you say and how you say it by watching effective presenters and by practicing within the group. 

Developing Academic Vocabulary

For this course, students will receive academic vocabulary instruction to build their concept knowledge and reading comprehension skills, as well as to support their academic achievement.


Watching movies can be an enjoyable and stimulating pastime. Studying movies can give you an insight into North American culture as well as help to improve your listening skill and knowledge of idioms. This course gives you an opportunity to do both!

Reading for Academic Purposes

Being a good reader is a “must” for success in one’s academic career, so in this course students will begin by first reviewing basic reading skills (finding the main idea and supporting details, previewing, skimming, scanning, using context clues, fact versus opinion, inference etc.) and then be guided through strategies to improve reading speed and comprehension accuracy.


Are you interested in exploring the IELTS exam or looking to improve an existing IELTS score?  There are many benefits to IELTS training that will help you on your academic journey. Learn about support and resources to help you in your IELTS goals.

Business Topics

If you intend to be involved in business in the future, this is the elective for you. We will study articles from top business magazines to understand current trends in the marketplace. We will discuss the implications of the articles for the group members both individually and globally. Practice your reading and discussion skills in this elective!

AP5 Study Hall #2

This course is only open to AP5. Under the supervision of an instructor, students will have an opportunity to complete group work, listen to lectures and other activities designed to support successful completion of AP5.