Intermediate Applied English Skills

(Communications 2, Academic Preparation 2 and Academic Preparation 3)

8:30 – 10:20

Business English 1 (BE)

Practice telephone skills such as leaving messages, making reservations, or making inquiries. Learn about various written formats such as e-mails, memos and letters. Learn to distinguish between formal and informal writing and practice using proper email etiquette. Develop conversation skills and strategies related to making small talk, negotiating meaning and preventing argument.

Sentence-level Grammar (SG)

Improve your ability to write, read, listen and speak through understanding a variety of sentence types. Learn how parts of speech (noun, verbs, adjectives, adverbs) fit together to form complete sentences. Practice joining simple sentences together using coordinate and subordinate conjunctions. Make your writing and speaking come alive through having a greater range of sentence choices.

Board and Card Games (BC2)

Become a master at classic games that many Canadians have played all their lives. Learn how to play board games such as Monopoly, Clue, Scrabble and Yahtzee as well as card games like Old Maid, Crazy Eights, Gin-Rummy and Go Fish. You will improve speaking and listening skills as you play these popular games with your classmates and you will have confidence to play with Canadians outside of school… and win.

Intermediate TOEIC Preparation

TOEIC is one of the world’s best known English tests and is used in business when hiring or promoting. It measures a person’s ability in both listening and reading. In this elective you can practice both skills to better prepare you to take the TOEIC and improve your future prospects

TV and Media (TM)

Explore the world of TV News Broadcast. Students will have the opportunity to learn how to put together a TV news show. By watching popular TV shows and film, you will become more familiar with North American culture. You will also improve your listening comprehension and learn many common idioms and expressions.

Take Off – English for Travel (TO)

Be more confident when travelling around Canada and the world by learning phrases and vocabulary used by travellers. Plan a vacation for yourself and try and persuade someone else to come with you!

Drama:  Be a Star

Improve your pronunciation, self-confidence and memory through games, drama activities and by learning to act out some famous scenes from popular plays and films. You will also be learning more about North American culture.

10:40 – 12:30


Enter the fascinating world of fiction!  Read and share popular stories from many cultures. Learn more about your own life through reading poetry, short stories and novels (graded readers) from around the world. Become a story-teller.

A Festival of Film Making (FF2)

Do you love movies?  This course will give you the skills to write, direct, shoot and edit your own short films in English!  You will not need any previous movie making experience, but you should have an open attitude to acting and directing and editing your own movie projects. This course will appeal to anyone who loves using technology and software to achieve amazing results.

Singing:  Find Your Voice (SV2)

Join the ELC Choir and sing with a group. Make friends, work in a team and gain confidence. Improve your pronunciation and develop your voice.

Public Speaking – Intermediate (PS)

Presentations can be fun!  Learn how to make presentations in small groups and in front of larger audiences. Improve your confidence level and presentation skills through attention to such elements as body language, audience awareness, and voice quality.

First Nations Studies

Are you interested in First Nations traditions, art and culture?  There are many different First Nations in Canada and this course will give you an insight into some of these fascinating cultures. We will have a chance to go out of the classroom occasionally to visit places or people of interest.

Sound Canadian, Eh! (SC)

Learn common idioms, expressions and slang so that you will understand your Canadian friends and be able to use informal English in everyday situations.

Test Taking

Do you always have a bad case of nerves before every exam?  This course will help you to control those fears by studying some test-taking strategies so that you can go into your next final exams feeling more confident.


If you love English music and would like to understand it better, this course will help. We will look at songs familiar to every Canadian as well as some more modern tunes from other areas of the English speaking world.