University of Hertfordshire (UH)


Canada and England use different terminology when talking about programs and courses.

Canada England

A "Program" in Canada is the same as a "Course" in England

A "Course" in Canada is referred to as a "Module" in England. England has 3 year degrees so those at level 4 are first year, 5, second year and 6, third year.

Searching for Modules

There are two ways to search - by program and by looking at module catalogue. Neither method provides information on what semester they are offered or what the prerequistes may be, so we have to email the university for that information.

By Program

All the fields of study available at UH (eg. Accounting & Finance, Music, History, etc.)

Click on your field of study and you will see a list of courses offered in that area (eg. History and Philosophy, Biological Sciences, Business Economics, etc.).  You may have to look at a few different courses before finding the modules you are interested in taking.

Click on one of the courses.  Look for the tab labeled “Course Structure” and you will see a list of Core and Optional modules offered in each year of the program.

Click on “Year 1 – Full Details” to get module descriptions for all the first year modules.  Most degree programs in England are 3 years in length so you won’t find many Year 4 modules.B

By Module

Module Catalogue lists all the modules offered. You can filter by School or by Level.

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