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  • Isabella in London

    The Growing Pains Part of a Semester Abroad

    During the first week of my exchange semester at the University of Hertfordshire in the UK, everything went wrong.
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  • Family in Norway

    Family Adventure!

    Single Mom Taking on the World
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  • Allison Ostle

    Where are they Wednesday?

    Living Abroad
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  • QE Scholar
  • Expansive View of German Community

    Living in a New Language

    Barrier or Opportunity?
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  • Expansive View of Castle

    Greetings Germany: Discovering a New Culture in Bavaria

    Something to note about Germany is that it is a very culturally diverse country. This is part of why I chose this as my destination country for my exchange semester abroad.When I first travelled to Germany, I spent a lot of time in the northern and central states, in cities such as Bremen, Hamburg...

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    Exchange from the Inside

    Hi, my name is Benett Zawasky and this summer I will be one of the exchange agents volunteering for the education abroad program at VIU.I am a third-year psychology major/sociology minor that just recently attended the University of Hertfordshire for the Spring 2020 semester. While I was away on...

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    Overcoming Barriers

    Hello, my name is Austin White, and I am volunteering as an exchange agent for the education abroad department at VIU. I am going into my fourth and final year at VIU in Computer Science. I did an exchange in the spring semester of 2020, to the university of Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom....

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    Language & Culture in Germany

    Hello, my name is Brodie Hay, I am a fourth year VIU student studying Computer Science as well as a volunteer exchange agent working with the Education Abroad department at VIU. This year I was lucky enough to go on exchange for the summer semester to Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule (OTH)...

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    Cooking Mehlkeneppscher

    Mehlkneppscher I came across this dish while participating in an international, online scavenger hunt. One of the items required five recipes from other participants, each from a different country. Mehlkneppscher was a popular dish in small mining towns across Germany during the industrial...

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