VIU International Brochure 2018-19

VIU International Brochure 2018-19 (English)

VIU International Brochure 2018-19 (简化字)

Summary Sheet

VIU Summary Sheet 2018-19 (English)

VIU Summary Sheet 2018-19 (简化字)

VIU Summary Sheet 2018-19 (日本語)

VIU Summary Sheet 2018-19 (한국어/조선말)

VIU Summary Sheet 2018-19 (Portuguese)

VIU Summary Sheet 2018-19 (русский язык)

VIU Summary Sheet 2018-19 (Tiếng Việt )

VIU Summary Sheet 2018-19 (Español)


The High School at VIU  2018-19

The High School at VIU 2018-19 (English)

The High School at VIU 2018-19 (简化字)

Summary Sheet

The High School Summary Sheet 2018-19  (English )

The High School Summary Sheet 2018-19 (日本語 )

The High School Summary Sheet 2018-19 (Français)

The High School Summary Sheet 2018-19 (Português)

The High School Summary Sheet 2018-19 (Español)



VIU Graduate Program Brochure 2018-19

VIU Graduate Program Brochure 2018-19 (English)

VIU Graduate Program Brochure 2018-19 (简化字)


Short-Course Programs 2018-2019

Short-Courses Brochure 2018-19 (English)

Short-Courses Brochure 2018-19 (简化字)

Short-Courses Brochure 2018-19 (Português)

Short-Courses Brochure 2018-19 (Español)

Short-Courses Brochure 2018-19 (Vietnamese)

Short-Courses Brochure 2018-19 (日本語)

Short-Courses Brochure 2018-19 (Farsi)

Short-Courses Brochure 2018-19 (Türkçe)


Program Specific Materials 2018-19

ESL Pathway to VIU (English)

ESL Pathway to VIU (简化字)



WorldVIU International Website (Deutsche)

WorldVIU Japanese Webpage (日本語)

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