Academic Support


Services and resources available to support your learning at VIU. These services are all free to VIU students!


For students in degree, diploma and certificate programs
    • Understanding assignments
    • Breaking down steps in the research process
    • Clarifying difficult readings
    • Helping brainstorm and develop ideas
    • Organizing  thoughts
    • Clarifying thesis statements
    • Citing in APA, MLA and other formats
    • Helping edit for clarity and grammar
    • Pronunciation and presentation preparation

To make an appointment go to and choose an IAS instructor on the schedule: e.g. IAS Sylvia Arnold.

The Writing Centre is staffed by friendly VIU faculty members ready to provide assistance with any aspect of your writing. Whether you want help with clear writing, thesis statements, citation and documentation, grammar, organizing an argument, or just want to talk about an assignment before you get started, or at any other stage in the writing process, the Writing Centre is the place to come.

Peer-Supported Learning (PSL) offers FREE, regularly scheduled, informal study sessions led by a senior student who has been successful in this course. It is a place to get your questions answered, practice using and studying the course content and develop different study strategies. It is open to all students.  PSL is meant for everyone and focuses on improving learning, developing study skills and ultimately improving your grades.

For students in the English as a Second Language program (ESL)

Math tutoring is a digital collection of resources to assist students in being successful. Videos, learning tips, study strategies, support areas, best practices—all collected together in this site.

It covers topics such as learning how to learn, taking good notes in class, finding useful information, preparing a good presentation and preventing plagiarism.

Student Success Coaching banner logo

A professional Life Coach works with you and provide tips and strategies to help you be successful

The Success Coach collaborates with students who want to be successful, discover insights and take actions towards their desired future. Every top athlete has a coach to improve their game or performance. Whether you are a student on academic probation or working to get grades high enough to get into your next opportunity, you are welcome to partner with the success coach.

Foundations for Success (FNFS) courses are meant to complement existing academic courses and programs at VIU. These courses augment current Adult Basic Education and University offerings by presenting six transitional elective courses designed to promote student success. Students may take one or all of these courses, but only a maximum of 3 academic credits (one single Foundations for Success course) may be used towards a credential at VIU.

Course offerings vary from year to year. Check Generate a Timetable for available course offerings.

This webpage contains information that will help you select courses, whether you are still exploring programs and courses or already have a set program goal.

Are you looking for a direction to take as you begin or return to post-secondary education?  Are you wondering if you are on the right path?  Are you thinking about changing your direction?

You are not alone!